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November 06, 2017 1 Comment

Baby Feet

Jojoba oil is in almost all Angelico Serums as it has myriad properties. I discovered it when I first had babies as it works miracles on nappy rash. I swiftly got rid of the thick gloopy cream that other young mothers were encapsulating their babies bottoms with, innocently sealing in moisture which resulted in sore bottoms. I used jojoba oil instead which let the delicate baby skin breath whilst keeping it clean and bacteria free. The results were remarkable.

Here are ten interesting facts about jojoba - just one of our natural active plant oils that go to create Angelico Serums.
Jojoba Nuts
(1) If you keep jojoba oil in the fridge it will completely solidify as it is actually a wax not an oil.
(2) Jojoba is cleansing as well as moisturising.
(3) Jojoba contains iodine which helps prevent breakouts.
(4) Jojoba protects, provides moisture control and soothes the skin.
(5) The texture and action of jojoba is almost identical to our skin’s own sebum.
(6) Jojoba regulates oil levels making it a great treatment for oily skin.
(7) Jojoba is full of antioxidants which help to slow down signs of ageing.
(8) Vitamin E present in Jojoba helps improve elasticity in the skin and speeds up healing.
(9) Jojoba helps to soothe irritation caused by eczema.
(10) Vitamin B complex in jojoba makes it a natural hormone balancer.

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November 28, 2017

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