I am always writing about essential oils and Lavender essential oil more than most, either for magazines, books or websites.  Usually I cover the properties, history, contraindications, you name it but here I want to just tell you how I use Lavender on a day to day basis and why I just couldn’t live without it. 
Apart from anything else, it is a synergistic oil which means it smooths out a blend, binding different notes together and making them smell even better.  The general 'feeling' is that lavender is relaxing but it is actually balancing - it makes you feel better - as simple as that.  As you may know, when selling a product we are not allowed to make any medical claims so I’m simply going to tell you my go-to ways to for easy Lavender essential oil benefits that are simply and effective. 

Just one more thing…….you have most likely heard that essential oils should not be used neat on the skin but you have to put that behind you with lavender or you will miss out on some if it’s best uses.  Please don’t splash it all over - it is very concentrated so when you do use it neat, use it sparingly. For babies under 24 months old please ask me separately. I will write about essential oils for babies in another blog.  Lavender essential oil is brilliant for babies but it needs to be used diluted and in a slightly different way so here for ease, I have kept to general use for children over 2  years of age and adults in good health including pregnant women after the first trimester. 

At the first sign of a spot, dab one or two drops of neat lavender on it 2 or 3 times a day and specifically before bed.
    2. STINGS
    If someone is stung by a wasp or bee, again, one or two drops of neat lavender will have an immediate soothing effect.
      3.  BURNS
      Apply neat to burns.
        4.  SUNBURN
        For sunburn fill a sink with cool water and add about 6 drops of lavender essential oil.  Swish the water around to dissipate the lavender  Soak a flannel in the water, wring and pat the burned areas.
          5.  HEADACHES & NAUSEA
          If someone has a headache or feels sick follow the same instructions as above.  Also lovely just to leave the flannel on your forehead for a while.  Refresh the flannel after a few minutes.
            6.  CLEANING SURFACES
            Pour around 10 drops of lavender essential oil into a bowl of warm water to wash down surfaces.  It is antibacterial and leaves a wonderfully fresh aroma.  A great thing to do in these pandemic times.  Smells lovely and provides a high level of protection.
              7. STRESS & TIREDNESS
              Feeling stressed, sick or tired?  Just put a couple of drops of lavender into the palm of your hand, rub hands together and breath in deeply.
                8. BED LINEN
                Put a few drops of neat lavender onto a cloth and gently wipe it over freshly made bed.  It will seem as if there is nothing on the cloth but the fragrance will transfer easily.  Do this before going to bed for a lovely soothing aroma.
                  9. BATH
                  Pour 10 drops into the bath after the water has run and swish around. 
                    10. MASSAGE
                    Pour 5 drops in 10ml (1 x dessertspoonful) of vegetable oil for body massage or 2 drops in 10ml (1 x dessertspoonful) of vegetable oil for facial massage. 
                      11. ROOM FRAGRANCE
                      Sprinkle a few drops under mats, towels etc. for subtle aroma.
                      Lavender Sprig
                      With so many properties and after years of decanting lavender and giving it to fiends and family with a hand written label that will run after a few uses no matter how careful I am to seal it, I decided to run some rather gorgeous Angelico Lavender essential oil labels in both 10ml and 
                      30 ml sizes.

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