How your skincare products can affect your mood
Have you ever thought about how your skin type might be linked to your emotions?  We all know that stress can show up in your skin but can we change the condition of our skin simply by changing our mood?….and can our skincare products do that?….change our mood?  Sounds a little far fetched?  But aromatherapy works on exactly this principle.

Essential oils have many physiological properties but by far their most immediate impact is on the way they make you feel.  Most people will take a whiff of the product they are applying before they apply it and a very quick evaluation will be made as to whether you think it will do the trick for your skin.  Before you have even put it on your skin you will have made a mental leap of faith as to whether or not it will be good for your particular skin type.  Why is this? 

Angelico Serums rely as strongly on their base oils as their essential oils and base oils have little or no fragrance at all but it’s interesting to look at which of the sublime fragrances in essential oils work for which skin types.
Angelico Serums
The essential oils used in our Sensitive Skin Serum - chamomile, lavender, calendula, yarrow and mandarin are all nostalgic, delicate flowers and fruit reminiscent of childhood.  When we have delicate skin, do we need a little more ‘looking after’ as we were when we were children maybe?

Mature Skin Serum on the other hand has a bold and confident fragrance that conjures up well earned luxury.  Frankincense, rose, geranium and sandalwood, tempered by lighter bergamot and mandarin purely for balance.  This fragrance is expensive and it smells that way - maybe we need a little luxury as we mature?

OIly Skin Serum
- grapefruit, mandarin and cypress, evened out by lavender.  If your skin is oily you most likely feel like you want to freshen up.  Most people with oily skin want to over cleanse their skin - dry it out but this only encourages your skin to produce more sebum/oil.  This fragrance will appeal on this level though.  Oily skin people will smell it and ‘feel’ fresher even before they use it.

Dry Skin Serum
is Floral, rich and hypnotic.  Often people with dry skin need a little bit of calm in their lives.  Neroli, one of Dry Skin Serums key notes is renowned for its ability to calm nerves and for this reason is often included in bridal bouquets!  Other essential oils here are rose, geranium, frankincense and of course lavender  You will see similarities here with Mature Skin Serum.  With these skin types what is needed is extra love and care and these fragrances conjure this up.

Lastly Combination Skin Serum - like the skin type it is for, it has contradictions and in this way it is very interesting fragrance wise.  At first woody then floral with the warm woody notes returning after a few minutes.  Cedarwood, is woody and yet bright.  Like the sun coming through the trees.  Most people with combination skin are not in need generally of either uplifting or calming,  Combination skin usually belongs to people in the fast lane.

These are all of course generalisations but it is fun to consider how the ingredients in your serum might not just be about your skin.  Next time you think about your skin type, have a little think about how you are feeling and see if your mood is somehow reflected in your skin.

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