How your face can reveal health secrets
Having just filmed our 2 minute Facial Massage, I got to thinking about facial mapping and how by massaging our faces, paying particular attention to specific areas we can maybe stimulate different areas of the body.

This works on the same principle as reflexology. This is that there are meridians running throughout the body creating pathways to corresponding parts of the body, sending energy to area that need a little boost. A good display of this is the way that when we have been over indulging alcohol wise many people show it on their faces by the puffy bags that appear under their eyes.. This area is said to represent the kidneys who surely take a thrashing after a heavy drinking session.

Another good example is the chin which represents the gynaecological area. Isn't it interesting that both teenage and adult acne often manifests here which is when hormones are at their most active. Take a little look at the diagram below and when you are next applying your serum pay attention to areas that might be a little puffier, spottier or a different colour to usual. Maybe your current lifestyle will be reflected back at you as clear as the nose on your face!
Facial Mapping Diagram

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