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can pulling faces make you look younger?

Facial Yoga has been popping up on my Facebook feed just about every day lately and I was intrigued enough to click on it to have look.  It makes perfect sense really.  The basic premise being that many of us exercise our bodies regularly to keep them in good shape but very rarely do we exercise our faces. 
Of course we chew, blink, talk, and raise our eyebrows from time to time but that’s no different to walking, standing, sitting or occasionally running for the bus in relative terms.  Many, many years ago, eye exercises were the norm in schools to keep our eye muscles working well.  I tried some of these exercises a while back and was surprised at how tired my eyes felt afterwards.  So, Fumiko- my click through yogi and founder of the Face Yoga Method says we must exercise our faces to look younger which as you have probably guessed includes much face pulling which will most likely make you laugh which is also a good workout for the stomach - result!

People with animated faces are far more interesting than people who hardly move a muscle on their faces.  Dead pan faces of the botox variety might have less lines but they are certainly not as interesting or inviting as those with  a few laughter lines.  How sexy are many French people because the language requires much pouting?!…..and laughing Buddhas - another example of lovely faces in action.
Even if you are not tempted to try Facial Yoga at least pull a few faces and see how good it makes you feel.  It’s surprisingly invigorating. 

As I am writing this I tried the following;
1. Eyes wide open and look from side to side six time then up and down six times without moving  your head.

2. Make a big smile then pout then smile then pout six time.

3. Lift your eyebrows then frown six times.

4. Wiggle your nose ( well your mouth really) six times.

5. Stick your chin out and lift and lower your head six times.

How does that feel?!!
If you want to check out the real thing,
go to www.faceyogamethod.com

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