I’m a fitness junky - there’s no doubt about it.  I am never happier than when I’m shaking it all out.  I swore to myself that I wouldn’t write about lockdown.  Plenty of people are doing that and I like to read about it but I didn’t feel I had anything to bring to that particular party,  However….. an unexpected joy that the lockdown has bought me, (and my husband), has been our daily Bootcamp Workouts courtesy of Elevate Sport via Zoom.  I know that the words "Bootcamp Workouts" strike fear and loathing into many peoples minds but let me take you through why, I love it sooooo much.
It’s on at 9.30 EVERY week day morning.  Without that discipline during lockdown, I absolutely know that we would never have got out of bed before an unmentionable time most days.  Work is not as busy as it was and there’s a general feeling of laissez fair that comes with lockdown for many people - apologies if you are still working as normal.  The inclusion of at least one bit of stability has been and still is, a sanity saver for us.
We get to see a lot of our family and friends on the screen.  Apart from our son who insists on a blank screen with just his name on it and another friend who calls herself Rasha Bacon and shows only a Yorkshire Pudding on her ident. Before we start we all say good morning.  I love that the men get on first and chat about guy things - this morning was beard trimmers!!  Then the girls come along and it gets noisy.  To my mind, this is what sets live workouts apart from pre-recorded. While we’re waiting for ‘Liam our Leader,' everyone gets on with emptying dishwashers, plumping pillows, getting a good internet connection etc. and often there’s just a comfortable silence while we potter around.  By the time we start working out we are all on the same wavelength and even from afar, and muted by Liam - we cheer each other on so to speak. A little less isolation in this these isolation times.
Liam is outrageously knowledgeable about fitness & diet and is passionate about his subject so you feel that you are in the best hands possible. He tweaks exercises to suit and gives you the will to keep going.
Liam on Instagram

I always exercise but there’s nothing like doing it EVERY day.  (I do have the weekend off though).  The repetitiveness makes those muscles really know you mean business and yes, I have gone down a dress size and haven’t given up wine :)
My husband is loving it too - he is absolutely NOT an exercise junky but when he said the other day “I don’t know what I’m going to do when lockdown is over and Boot Camp stops!” You could have knocked me down with a feather - could he have caught the exercise bug? It’s fantastic that we have found another shared activity that is both fun and healthy.
Boot Camp Screens
This particular Boot Camp has been going on at our local green for many years but we have had many new people join us since the lockdown.  One person even joins us from New Zealand.  This sounds like a big shout out for Elevate Boot Camp which it kind of is but I had to share it with you as it has had a really profound effect on our lives in these tricky times, so THANK YOU Liam at Elevate Boot Camp.
I also have to mention some other amazing classes I’ve been doing during lock down.
Vinyasa Yoga with Debs Sutton - my long time yoga teacher who gives the most wonderful flowing class.

Restorative Yoga with Sophia at Black Mountains Barn. I've never done this before - the most relaxing class ever.  It’s as important to relax as it is to exercise - Ying and Yang and all that.  This class has really taught me the truth in this. 
Pilates with Vicky Kelly - makes me remember what it was like being a dancer - Pilates was originally designed for injured dancers and the attention to fine muscle groups is wonderful. 
There are many other classes on offer online via Zoom and/or YouTube. For me, these are absolutely the best but I understand that this is subjective and very personal.  I am sorry that I haven’t been able to fit in any of the wonderful ballet classes on offer. Maybe another time.  However, I would highly recommend that you try to go for a Live class as opposed to pre recorded.  This is what will make the difference. 
As lockdown eases, these classes will inevitably be less available or stop all together.  It’s not over yet though so if you want to be one of the people who emerge from lockdown feeling fitter than when it started, down load Zoom if you haven’t already and give it a go.

Happy Exercising!

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