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About a year ago I watched an interview with Tony Robbins, just about the best known life coach there is. From this interview I took away three lifestyle tips that literally changed my life. One of these tips was the use of hydrotherapy in my everyday life. 

Hydrotherapy is when you plunge yourself from hot to cold water resulting in a wonderful sense of wellbeing and energy as well as improved skin tone, better general health and lower stress levels. This occurs because blood rushes from the extremities to the vital organs and boosts the central nervous system when the body is taken from from hot to cold. A bit like a re-boot!
The second of Tony Robbins tips was to imagine feeling ‘pulled’ not ‘pushed’ when doing a task and this is what I think of when I turn that tap from hot to cold. Because I know it is going to make me feel fantastic I feel pulled towards the inevitable freeze not pushed!
A week or so ago, a piece in the fabulous online magazine My Domaine written by Hadley Mendelsohn popped up on the health benefits of hydrotherapy. If you want to learn more about this subject here’s a link to that piece.  My version of hydrotherapy is a diluted version of Tony Robbins’ and Hadley Mendelsohn’s but one that for me is more sustainable on a daily basis. Like fashion, the reality is often a little tamer than the original. Tony Robins plunges himself from extreme hot to extreme cold water. My shower water - not plunge pools as prescribed - is simply hot and cold - far colder when we are in our house in Wales I might add. Amazing how much colder the water is in the country! None the less, it has made me into so much more of a ‘morning person’ Before I incorporated hydrotherapy into my daily - yes daily - routine, I used to get one bug after another and now to date I can only count one and that was over with very quickly - not bad eh? …….and here’s another great article on the wonders of Hydrotherapy or just plain old cold showers. - worth a read.
As for the third Tony Robbins lifestyle tip from that interview - I’ll save that for another blog :)

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