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can you combat oiliness with oil?

People with oily skin understandably feel that they should treat their skin with products that will somehow dry their skin up. Who is old enough to remember those skin stripping products in the eighties that actually made your eyes smart when you applied them?! Nothing could be more astringent and yet the oiliness would remain.
This must surely be a sign that this approach to addressing oily skin simply doesn't work. By excessively drying up the oiliness you are giving your skin the signal to produce even more sebum/oil. So, what to do?

Stop trying to over treat your skin. Keep cleansing as simple as possible. Don't over do it with masks and scrubs. You will notice that after even gentle cleansing, your skin is momentarily less oily. Now is the time to apply oil to moisturise. Using a face oil or serum, your skin will stop trying so hard and settle down.

Not all oils are suitable as some are too heavy for oily skin conditions but a carefully blended collection of active plant oils that include essential oils, packed with antioxidants and vitamins, such as Angelico Oily Skin Serum will allow your skin to re-balance itself.

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