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EMOTIONAL SKINCARE - how your skincare products can affect your mood

Emotional Skincare face of an older woman
Have you ever thought about how your skin type might be linked to your emotions?
  We all know that stress can show up in your skin but can we change the condition of our skin simply by changing our mood?….and can our skincare products do that?….change our mood?  Sounds a little far fetched?  But aromatherapy works on exactly this principle.

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FACIAL MAPPING - how your face can reveal health secrets

Facial Mapping Diagram
Having just filmed our 2 minute Facial Massage, i got to thinking about facial mapping and how by massaging our faces, paying particular attention to specific areas we can maybe stimulate different areas of the body.
This works on the same principle as reflexology. This is that there are meridians running throughout the body creating pathways to corresponding parts of the body, sending energy to area that need a little boost.

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