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LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN - It’s trying to tell you something

It’s trying to tell you something
I recently wrote some skincare recipes for an article in Prima magazine’s April issue on how to help combat some common skin conditions such as rosacea, flakey, dry legs and scaly elbows!  The article was called LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN - It’s trying to tell you something.  This is a title which resonates closely with everything I believe in where skincare is concerned and a cornerstone to my capsule range.  The little card that we send out with every order reiterates this and encourages you to change serums with the changing seasons in both weather and personal cycles as a response to how your skin looks and feels.  If your skin feels tighter than usual for instance, maybe you should switch to a richer oil like our Serum for Dry Skin, or as the weather warms up you could change to our Serum for Combination or Oily skin which will address sebum secretion and dull, sallow skin that has built up over the colder months from being inside too much - but this is not just a shout out for our wonderful serums, it is also a call for you to listen to your skin on all levels. 
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and holds a mirror up to your general health so don’t let that outbreak of spots make you think it’s just the result of a chocolate or alcohol binge.  Those sorts of things certainly contribute to your skin’s condition but why did you need to binge?  It could be that you are tired, depressed, run down or your circulation is not working as it should and you need more exercise?  Maybe you need a course of supplements, to drink more water, or add more green leafy vegetables or fruit to your diet. Maybe you need to get out in the fresh air more or if you work outside protect your skin with richer oils and sunscreen.   That tiny patch of eczema that appears out of nowhere is almost certainly a result of stress.  You can fix it quite quickly with a lovely rich serum such as our Serum for Mature skin but when you apply it, massage it in mindfully into your face and neck and anywhere else that might need it.  Utilise the time to think about how to assure your lifestyle is less stressful. ( See our Angelico Facial Massage )
Listen to your inner self and acknowledge what your mind and body are trying to tell you via your skin. If you have any skincare questions post them here and I will point you in the right direction.

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