Angelico Aromatherapy Blends

Angelico Aromatherapy Blends are the perfect way to scent your environment naturally. Made with 100% pure organic essential oils they can enhance your mood and create your chosen atmosphere. Use in diffusers, on our Ceramic Aroma Discs or simply inhale from the bottle for an instant mood shift.

Each Angelico Aromatherapy Blend comes in a beautiful little teal cotton bag with a hand made Ceramic Aroma Disc which is porous, so will soak up your aromatherapy blend to subtly defuse your favourite fragrance. Try placing your ceramic Aroma Disc in your car, by your bed, on your desk, drawers, wardrobe - the list is endless - tag us with your favourite spot to place your aromatic disc @angelicolife

Choose from;
Relaxing - Revitalizing - Festive - Focus - Joyous - Meditative