All Angelico’s candles are hand poured by local candle maker Siobhan of Ike and Gabe Candles. We now have two sizes.  Our large 200g candles come in totally unique pots also made by a local artisan. Our small 75g candles come in simple, elegant glass jars with silver lids.  Both are beautifully packaged in ribboned boxes.  Everything about these candles is special. They are fragranced with our own Angelico Aromatherapeutic Blends which are infused into sustainably Sourced Soya wax with braided paper wicks.

They are as eco conscious as they are beautiful.

These candles give a lovely gentle glow but they are more about the therapeutic fragrance that gently fills the room. Even when they are not lit, by simply leaving the lid off for a few hours you will come home to a beautiful gentle aroma.

Angelico_Brochure _and_Candle

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