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    • Create a JOYOUS  atmosphere with this beautiful Angelico candle which arrives simply wrapped in a luxury white ribboned gift box.

      Our aromatherapeutic Joyous candle contains wonderfully euphoric essential oils of Rose, Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Myrtle and Sweet Orange.

      INGREDIENTS - 75g
      Rose - heavenly & indulgent
      Ylang Ylang - luxurious & sensuous
      Rose Geranium - balancing & soothing
      Myrtle - sparkly,& enigmatic
      Sweet Orange - joyous & fun
      Soya Wax - Sustainably sourced with braided paper wick

      75g candle in glass jar with silver lid.
      Beautiful white ribboned gift box.
      Information leaflet.
      (See directions tab above for more information on usage)

      We hope you love these candles as much as we do and that you burn and enjoy a candle every or at least most days of the week.

      Keep candles out of the reach of children and protect any delicate polished surfaces.

      A candle once lit is alive takes in oxygen when it burns and the wax has a memory. As it needs fuel to burn it will produce waste in the top of the wick and you need to get rid of this waste every time you light it. If you don’t look after your candles they will burn poorly, smoke and behave badly.

      On the first burn make sure the wick is trimmed to just over 0.5cm. On the initial burn, make sure you keep it burning until the top layer of wax melts as far as possible to the edge of the holder. This will prevent your candle from "tunnelling". Wax has a memory if you only burn it for a little amount of time on the first burn it will always return to that burn.

      Every subsequent burn: Trim the wick to being around 0.5cm before each burn. This will encourage a clean and bright burn. Always keep an eye on your lit candle and if the flame or wick get too large extinguish it. Then, when cooled, trim and relight..