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    • A classic Facial Reflexology Treatment without working on specific reflex areas.

      These ‘Mini-Treatments’ are perfect if you are unsure which treatment to have or to give as a gift, why not have a Mini Treatment…..or two?!

      Mini Treatments last for 30 minutes. Long enough to benefit from the relaxing and remedial properties of the treatment but definitely leaving you wanting more and hopefully hot footing it back for another treatment. The perfect amount of time to try a treatment you have never had before and seeing if it is the one for you without spending too much money. If time is an issue, these little gems are a quick way to reset and rebalance your mind and body. A real treat.

      * Treatments are given in my studio in Walton on Thames.  There is parking and a rail station nearby if taking public Transport. Full details are supplied in the booking process once you show your interest by adding this item to your cart above.

      * Payment is made as normal here and then a date for the treatment will be arranged by email.  Should it not be possible to do this, a full, immediate repayment will be given or product to the same value - your choice.
      IS THIS A GIFT??

      * If so, we can send you one of our lovely gift cards which can also be redeemed against Angelico products. Or we can send a gift card directly to the recipient with a message in from you inside. Just tell us in the notes section at check out what you would like it to say.Simply email Glenda by clicking this link and then a date for the treatment will be arranged. Simply email Glenda by clicking this link and then a date for the treatment will be arranged.  
    • By combining essential oils and base oils you can create any number of therapeutic products for yourself, your family and your friends. The possibilities are literally endless. For the creative people amongst us the lure of making something unique is powerful. This can be as simple as adding one essential oil to one carrier oil to make a brilliant moisturiser with none of the added nasties that can often cause problems in commercial products. Here are a few ways to get started, including some simple recipes for you to try out.

      Essential Oils
      Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that each have different and overlapping properties. Some essential oils have contra indications or precautions that should be followed but so long as you follow the instructions on the bottle you will find that they are invaluable to your daily life. By combining different essential oils in a ‘blend’, you can create endless fragrances that can have both physiological and/or psychological effect. Except for in a few cases, they should not be used neat. Essential oils should be diluted, usually into base oils which are also known as carrier oils.

      Base Oils
      Base oils used to be just that - base oils - used mostly as a base for the more active essential oils and as a basic moisturiser. Now there are myriad base oils available to us and we are far more knowledgeable about what they are capable of. Base oils come in many different weights - some are thick and viscous, some are light and some are medium weight. Some are more easily absorbed by the skin than others. They can be antioxidant, antiviral, help to smooth fine lines or even help to regulate oil secretion.

    • I read somewhere that everybody should have three careers in their lives. I think I have had three so far and am about to embark on a fourth so I’m doing pretty well!

      I trained as a dancer and danced professionally until my first child was born. I really believed that I would just carry on dancing after she was born but we just didn’t like being away from each other. Being a dancer requires hours and hours of training, rehearsing and performing so I segued out of dancing and into aromatherapy where I created and consulted on many brands, one of which had a full ITEC Massage School in Richmond. I even made a bespoke perfume for royalty!

      I have written two and one third books! One on aromatherapy and a three way collaboration on massage for babies, both published by Ryland Peters and Small. I love writing and hope to do more. Arms Out Like Wings is my first story.

      Both aromatherapy and dance are still very much in my life. I go to ballet class regularly and I have this beautiful company called Angelico. Below is a demonstration of how to use my Angelico Serums by my daughter Megan.

      Glenda Taylor

      How lovely if every time you applied your serum, you made the time to give yourself a face and neck massage. It is proven that massage lessens stress and improves skin texture and look. Many people will think that they wouldn't know where to begin but it is far easier than you think. Click here or on image below to see our video lesson for a simple face and neck massage that will really stimulate your skin and make you feel like you have had a mini facial.

      Link to Angelico Massage video on Youtube

      There are only a few moves and they are repeated many times. We have put it to music because it is easier to learn that way and it looks nice. Give it a go! You might find that you like it so much that you will use aspects of it every time you apply your serum. This way you will reap the full benefit. The combination of massage and active plant oils will stimulate facial muscles and follicles leaving you feeling relaxed, focussed and naturally beautiful.

      The video only takes a few minutes. Use your screen as if it’s a mirror and apply your serum along with Megan our lovely model.

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