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    • This gorgeous soap selection has one of each of our stunning, hand made soaps in a beautiful black box each labeled with plantable paper that is infused with wild flower seeds. These soaps are made for us by Juniper Be where they infuse herbs, flowers and other natural extracts to create some of the most beautiful colours we have ever seen in soaps.

      ANNATTO BEAT uses Annatto powder which is extracted from the crushed seeds of the tree and activated Carbon.

      OAT MILK soap has a super silky texture which is created by soaking oats in water. The beautiful natural green that runs through it comes from Chlorella and makes it look like a piece of marble.

      POPPY BLOOM is such a beautiful soap with the added benefit of being gently exfoliating due to its clever inclusion of poppy seeds.

      SELVA soap owes its beautiful green colour which is stirred through it to Chlorella, an algae full of chlorophyll that transports us into a dream filled with nature.

      . . . . . and most importantly, all of these hand made soaps smell divine using only pure essential oils to fragrance them they impart aromatherapeutic properties with every wash.

      A beautiful, thoughtful gift and the perfect accompaniment to any bathroom. If you would like to learn more about these soaps go to SOAPS link.

      soap bars hand cut & no less than 120g
      Angelico Soap Vegan and Palm Oil Free
      If throwing soap wrapper away, consider planting it in your garden or a flower box as the paper is biodegradable and full of wild flower seeds!

      For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. if skin irritation occurs discontinue use. Always consult your doctor before using essential oils.

    • Angelico Wild Flower Seed Paper
      Nothing is wasted with this soap. You can wash thinking calm thoughts as the bar is not only Vegan but palm oil free too.

      Even the paper can be planted to generate some wild flowers to make bees happy.
      Design by angelico