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  • If you are not sure which Angelico Serum will suit your skin type here is your opportunity to try all five. If you are already a fan you will know that it’s a good idea to switch from time to time.

    Season changes, hormonal changes or even lifestyle changes. All these things throw up different needs for your skin and a simple change of serum blend can make all the difference.

    Even using a lighter serum such as Angelico Serum for Oily Skin in the morning and a heavier one such as Angelico Serum for Dry Skin in the evening is sometimes a good idea and this selection will give you the opportunity to find out exactly what is needed.

    This Serum Collection contains FIVE 10ml bottles of our serums, all bursting with natural oils;
     - Combination has a blend to moisturise and balance your skin.
     - Dry serum oils will moisturise and nourish your skin
     - Mature is a blend to moisturise and smooth fine lines.
     - Oily Serum oils will cleverly balance and clarify your skin
     - Sensitive can moisturise and soothe your skin.

    5 x 10ml - glass bottles with pipette.
    * Free delivery within UK

  • The label says;
    "Use a few drops on your face and neck every morning and evening as your daily moisturiser or as a boost to your regular moisturiser to improve skin texture."
    That’s it in a nutshell really, but there is so much more that you can do to get the very best results from your Angelico Serum.

    How lovely if every time you applied your serum, you made the time to give yourself a face and neck massage. It is proven that massage lessens stress and improves skin texture and look. Many people will think that they wouldn't know where to begin but it is far easier than you think. Click here or on image below to see our video lesson for a simple face and neck massage that will really stimulate your skin and make you feel like you have had a mini facial.

    Link to Angelico Massage video on Youtube

    There are only a few moves and they are repeated many times. We have put it to music because it is easier to learn that way and it looks nice. Give it a go! You might find that you like it so much that you will use aspects of it every time you apply your serum. This way you will reap the full benefit. The combination of massage and active plant oils will stimulate facial muscles and follicles leaving you feeling relaxed, focussed and naturally beautiful.

    The video only takes a few minutes. Use your screen as if it’s a mirror and apply your serum along with Megan our lovely model.

  • Do see individual product descriptors for exact details of oils in a particular blend. The oils below feature in at least one of the blends, maybe more.

    Rosehipanti-aging - antioxidant - easily absorbed - anti-inflammatory
    Camelia, antioxidant - absorbent - vitamin Rich - nourishing
    Acai, anti aging - anti oxidant - protective

    Argan, full of vitamins and minerals - smooths fine line
    Cherry Kernellight - absorbent - antioxidant - healing
    Borage, anti-inflammatory - antioxidant
    Calendula, antioxidant - antiviral - anti-inflammatory
    Peach Kernel, antioxidant - hypo allergenic - easily absorbed
    Rosehip, anti-aging - antioxidant - easily absorbed - anti-inflammatory
    Jojobaemollient - soothing - healing - antioxidant
    Vitamin E, antioxidant - anti-aging - anti-inflammatory - healing

    Bergamot, antiseptic - antidepressant - stimulant
    Cedarwood, antifungal - antiseptic - astringent - sedative
    Chamomile, soothing - anti-Inflammatory - sedative - antioxidant
    Cypress, energising - antiseptic - antibacterial - astringent - calming
    Grapefruit, anti-inflammatory - antioxidant - cleansing - antibacterial - uplifting
    Frankincense, calming - anti-inflammatory - anti-aging
    Geraniumhormonal balancer - soothing - anti-inflammatory - rejuvenating
    Lavender, cleansing - antibacterial - soothing - calming - healing
    Mandarin, cleansing - soothing - calming - healing - uplifting - antiseptic
    Neroli,  soothing - rejuvenating - healing - calming - antibacterial
    Rose, antibacterial - hormone balancer - soothing - uplifting
    Sandalwoodantibacterial - moisturising - calming - relaxing - anti-aging
    Yarrowanti-Inflammatory - calming - hyposensitive - tonic - healing

  • Violet Glass BottleOur bottles are made from blue/black glass which gives optimal protection for the delicate essential oils and active plant base oils used in our serums.  Closures are glass pipettes so you can see easily how much serum you are using.

    We do not use boxes as even though they look lovely there is really no on-use for them and we can’t bare the waste! We do however, supply simple high quality, black, unbranded bags with our own swing tag attached. This is lovely if you are giving Angelico Serum as a gift. You can of course state in the NOTES BOX when checking out that you do not want the bag. If you do not specify, you will receive a bag.

    We have to protect the glass during transit so we use acid free tissue paper in blue which looks beautiful. We can also add a handwritten card if you are sending as a gift. Simply mention the words you require in NOTES BOX when you check out.

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